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FINALLY!!! The Service Dog Journey Begins AGAIN!

I’ve been very quiet for many years as Widget the dog who was to be placed with me went back to his breeder and K9 Helpers has folded. I was looking into fundraising for my own dog for many years … Continue reading

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My Average Day

This might be a boring post for you to read, unless you like reading about how strangers live their lives from day to day.  There are many aspects to training service dogs which I was completely unaware, and I am … Continue reading

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Mitchy – My Service Cat?

Mitchy, my pet cat alerts me to my moods, illness and migraines. Just talking about how to log all this information in a formal way so it’s easy to read and also looks nice. Continue reading

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Asperger’s and Me

Many people over the years since I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome have asked me how it affects me.  And I am automatically confused by this simple question and often unable to respond on the spot even though I have … Continue reading

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Back on Track

Thank you all for being patient with me and my not posting as regularly as I had hoped and mentioned I would.  I had another meeting today.  Today was Service Dog Club.  I will not comment on what others have shared about … Continue reading

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No Longer Sick!!

It has been quite the interesting three weeks with being sick.  I had strep throat for 2 weeks without knowing, and then I went to see the doctor, and of course I was given antibiotics to help it, they did, … Continue reading

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Anxiety Attacks and the City Bus

I have recently been taking the city bus everywhere I need to go.  I have never enjoyed the bus and now I  am understannding why.  Ever since my car accident on April 12, 2011 I  have gone without a car.  … Continue reading

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