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I live in south western Ontario, Canada. I am energetic, love animals, love to lead people, but can have a hard time doing so due to Asperger’s Syndrome, PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder. My goal in life is to help other people in any way I can, and if something is hindering that, I want to work through those issues to be able to help others more efficiently. I love music, animals, recreation and leisure, people and I generally love life. (at least when my depression and anxieties aren’t taking over.) I am me, and I sometimes find it hard to describe myself, although most of the time I am quite articulate. I am open minded and when feeling alright I am up for a challenge.

18 Weeks of Adventure

It has been a while since I posted something about puppies and service dogs.  I have come to realize that although I want the whole world to understand more about service dogs and the experiences we go through before we … Continue reading

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Hawk & Phoenix

I have recently have come to a great fascination with hawks. They are such an amazing inspiring bird!  So I have been thinking about names for my soon to be service pup candidate! And I am choosing the name Hawk. … Continue reading

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Puppy Shopping!!

So I went puppy shopping last night at Applemeadow Labradors! The puppies are very cute!  I found out that the pedigree I will be choosing from in a few weeks are full siblings to Shania Twains dog!  I’m not a … Continue reading

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Excitement about PUPPIES

  I don’t have much time at the moment to share with you, but I thought this video about all the lost puppies would give you a laugh! Chow for Now

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The Perfect Puppy

As I have been thinking about my puppy shopping in the next two weeks I have been wondering to myself, “What EXACTLY makes the PERFECT puppy for me?”  So I did what any information junkie does – I searched the … Continue reading

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FINALLY!!! The Service Dog Journey Begins AGAIN!

I’ve been very quiet for many years as Widget the dog who was to be placed with me went back to his breeder and K9 Helpers has folded. I was looking into fundraising for my own dog for many years … Continue reading

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Dog Names

I’m starting from scratch again with dog names and getting a service dog.  I’m pondering dog names.  I’m really big into the meaning of words and names, and I want a fun name that is easy to say and very … Continue reading

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